“Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream”

Van Remortel Puts Readers to Work With
Combination of Story and Action Steps

Business strategist Steve Van Remortel has developed a process to help organizations stand out from the crowd and maximize profits with his book, “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream.”

If you’re like me, you’ve read your share of business strategy books that are all theory and little to no reality. Most of these books are, frankly, pretty boring reads.

That’s not the case with “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream.” This book not only puts you to work with questions and assignments as you make your way through the process, but it follows one of the author’s actual clients along the way.

There are real people with real names and real challenges in this book, which provides a more compelling read than most business books out there.

“Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream” is part story, part lecture and part workbook. This is the type of book where you will want to highlight sections, take notes, discuss with colleagues, and implement strategies in your organization. It’s not the type of book where you snuggle up next to the fireplace for a relaxing evening.

The book features four distinct sections:

  1. Planning Process Preparation
  2. Building the Team and Strategy Development Preparation
  3. Strategy Development
  4. Strategy Implementation

Regardless of where your organization sits on the business strategy spectrum, you will discover powerful ideas here that you can literally take to the bank.

The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process focuses on two key fundamentals of every successful organization: strategy and talent. The action plans at the end of each chapter are designed to move your organization forward so you can dominate the markets in which you compete.

The ultimate goal is to help your organization succeed by creating real, tangible differentiation with unprecedented sales and profit growth.

“Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream” is available in hard cover and digital formats. If you found this review helpful and would like your own copy of the book, I would appreciate it if you would please click on one of my affiliate links below to make your purchase.

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